"KATIE's WAY" to open March 16, 2015

The No Stone Unturned Foundation and Katie's Way are pleased to announce their expanded partnership to add team-based care for children and young adults who face challenges associated with mental health care. Currently, the No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) serves children with disabilities using a team-based approach to physical, occupational, speech and behavior therapies. The expansion and additional services will further the team concept by adding psychologists and board certified psychiatrists. Katie's Way will be a new service under the direction of Mathis Rehab Centers, LLC. It will compliment existing services at the TLC.

"Our staff of psychologists and board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist will, now, for the first time anywhere in the Riley County region, have the opportunity to work side by side to formulate and implement care for our kids," said Jeff Mathis of Mathis Rehab Centers. No Stone could not be more excited about the expansion! Katie's Way is part of No Stone's 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and research of children with health initiatives and/or disabilities and their families.

Families will have the opportunity to face mental health issues in a warm, comfortable atmosphere with a strong emphasis on anonymity by breaking down barriers, and providing an innovative therapy program that specializes in serving only ages 2-24. The program will improve access to health care and promote healthy behaviors and life choices.

"The mission of Katie's Way is to change and improve the lives of young people affected with mental health challenges no matter how great or small", said Jayme Elliott, Site Coordinator for Katie's Way. "What makes Katie's Way unique, and hopefully better, is the chance to surround a child with a team that can address medical and behavior needs together."

Service will include:

  • Out-patient Mental Health Services for ages 2-24
  • Diagnostic Assessment 
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Medication Consultation, assessment and treatment
  • Parent Consultation
  • School Consultation
  • Psychological Testing - including autistic testing through the No Stone Unturned TLC

You can find more information as it becomes available at www.katieswaymanhattan.com Look for Katie's Way to open March 16th, 2015!