Please Take a Minute to Meet The Wolfords

We are so grateful for No Stone Unturned Foundations continued growth. We shared a dream and are blessed to see it to fruition. When Stone, our inspiration, was born, we began to have concerns and sought medical intervention. Doctor after doctor, we couldn't find answers. By the time Stone was two years old he had received numerous therapies and had seen over 40 specialists. Finally, one of Stone's cardiologists suggested a specific genetic test and a new journey began. When we received confirmation of CFC Syndrome, we were devastated. Any hope left that our baby would "grow out of this" was shattered and now we had to live with the reality that his issues were not going away. We grieved and we were lost. Then something almost magical happened. We began to realize how blessed we really were. We started verbalizing to each other how much our lives had changed because of Stone and how much we had learned throughout this experience. We took a completely new perspective on life. Stone is a very special little soul. He appreciates everyone and spreads joy as if it is abundant. He is a blessing to us on so many levels, allows us to experience life on a plane that many will never know and he has taught us lessons that could not have been possible without him. Yes, Wolf and I know what life is all about. We thank our God for giving us his precious angel for keeping. Stone is our Gift. Because of Stone, our lives are sometimes difficult, but always richer, deeper and more fulfilling than we could have ever imagined. No Stone Unturned Foundation is driven by our desire is to support families that must embark on such an unexpected journey. Thank you for joining us in our mission.